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1.1 Auto-Combat

There will be an Auto-Combat function in Felspire, which can help you kill monsters effectively and check the EXP gained per min.

You can either click the Auto-Combat icon to enter the setting or click the start button to apply the default setting. (Hot-key: A)

1.2 PvP Mode

  • When you are in PVP Area, you can switch the mode and launch attack to other players. (Hot-key: H)
  • When you are in Honorable mode, you can only attack the infamous players. Only when you are in Party/Guild mode or Malicious mode, can you attack the normal players.
  • If you attack a normal player, he or she will attack back automatically. If you are defeated, the player will lose nothing and receive no punishment.
  • When you kill 1 normal player, your Infamies will be increased by 1 point and you will receive the punishment of being forbidden to use Shop, Market and Trade.
  • Staying online for 1 hour or using Infamy Remedy will help to decrease 1 Infamy point.(Infamy Remedy is obtainable from the Mall.)
  • You can’t launch an attack when you have 10 Infamy points.

1.3 Combat tip
You may find it hard to select the player during combat. Therefore, you may use the hot-key “~” during the combat to select the player who is attacking you or the closest player automatically.

1.4 Increase Combat Power
You may increase your combat power via the following ways:

  • Level up your character
  • Receive higher tier equipment
  • Receive blessed equipment
  • Refine your equipment
  • Boost your equipment
  • Upgrade your mount
  • Upgrade the passive skills
  • Upgrade your Relic

2. Daily To-do list

2.1 Sign in & Daily Activeness

Sign in every day to win blessed equipment, wings and even the materials for upgrading Relics!
Complete the Daily Activeness quests to win massive and potions!

2.2 Demon Abyss

There are many monsters in Demon Abyss. You have at least 3 attempts to enter Demon Abyss every day. (Raise your VIP level to get more attempts. VIP players can enter 6 times at most every day.) You can get massive EXP here.

2.3 Temple of Death

Clear the Temple of Death and kill Infernus to get equipment. The dungeon will cost you only 3 mins! The quicker you clear the dungeon, the more rewards you will get. You will have 6 attempts at most each day.

2.4 Daily Quests

There will be 10 daily quests every day. Complete them all to win extra rewards!

2.5 Pray

You can pray for massive EXP and Gold every day.

Strengthen your character

3.1 Elite Challenge

You can get massive EXP, gold and SP every time you defeat a monster in the Elite Challenge. SP can be used to upgrade passive skills. The more stages you clear, the more rewards you will get.

3.2 How to get equipment
Equipment is obtainable from:
1) You have a chance to get blessed equipment when you kill the monsters in the wild.
2) You can spend gold to get refined and boosted equipment from the Goblin Workshop.
3) You can get equipment by killing BOSS.
4) Create a party to challenge Demon Abyss to get equipment.
5) The best and easiest way to get equipment is through the Treasury. You may even get the ultimate rings and necklace with 2 blessed stats from the Treasury!

3.3 Forge

Refine: The success rate of refine is 100%. Higher refined level grants higher stat. When you refine the equipment to a certain level, it will become extremely reflective and you can even unlock set stats for it.

Refine Transfer: When you get a better piece of equipment, you can spend gold to transfer the Refine level from the previous equipment to a better one.

Boost: You can use Obsidian to boost your equipment. However, there is no available way to increase the success rate currently, so you are not recommended to boost the inferior equipment!

3.4 Fuse wings

Equipping the wings for your character not only enables your character to fly, but increases DEF and the damage dealt greatly.

4. Recommended gameplay

4.1 Upgrade your pets
Pet system will be available at Lv 100. You can feed or train to upgrade your pet. A powerful pet can help you kill monsters, defeat other players and even grant all kinds of stat bonuses.

4.2 Kill the Boss
There will be a Boss in each area. You can view the details in the Boss Map. Kill them to have a great chance to get the rare items including Mount Pills, Skill Books and blessed equipment.

4.3 Upgrade your mounts
Upgrading your mount is the best way to increase your combat power. Train your mount to upgrade it.

4.4 Realm of Time
Realm of Time will be unlocked when the guild reaches Lv 2. Clear it to get massive EXP. Since Realm of Time is difficult, you are recommended to create a party with other members and challenge it together.

4.5 GvG
The first GvG will be available at 8:00pm to 9:00pm on the third day after the server opening and the later GvG will be available every Friday. The top 3 guilds in CP rank will be eligible to join the GvG battle. When there is no defending side, the No.4 guild will become the defending side.
The winning side will get generous rewards when the battle ends. If your guild is powerful enough to occupy the throne in succession, you can even get extra rewards and divine weapons!

4.6 Star Realm
Star Realm will be available when the guild reaches Lv 3. Clear it to win massive EXP. Since the Star Realm is difficult, you are recommended to create a party with other members and challenge it together.

4.7 Land of Chaos
Land of Chaos is the place where Demon Lord was sealed. Kill the Boss to get the mysterious lapis and massive EXP.


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